18 till i die (de Adams bryan)

Bryan Adams
18 till I die

intro + verse:

-4-------4--------------------------    reapeat


E                        A                  D
Can't live forever that's whisfull thinking
E                A                    D   
Whoever said that must have bin drinking
E                     A
Don't wanna grow up I don't see why
G                        A
I could'nt care less if time flashed by


D          G            Em7       A
18 till I die  gonna be 18 till I die
        D                  G
yeah it sure feels good to be alive
Em7                                  A
someday i'll be 18 goiing on till I'm 55
D         G       A
18 till I die



chorus chords


      Em                     F#m
Don't worry about the future forget about the past
D                            (intro)
were gonna have a ball yeah, gonna have a blast

gonna make it last

that's all
have fun!

tabbed by Stonesfan
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