The real (de John frusciante)
a intro ja comeca com ele cantando...e os acordes sao os seguintes:F#m C#m A E

( F#m C#m A E )
I dont know the real from what I thought I saw 

I can't remember where I went 

Where I was         

( F#m Bm A E F#m ) 
I'm gonna move toward a point in time 

Where where you are is a state of mind 
( Bm A E F#m )
And anytime I can read your thoughts 

Some of them yours and some I thought up 
( F#m E D )
There's no good reason for heartbreak 

Nothing's repeating every Monday 
( Bm A E F#m )
It's no good saying you'll always be mine 

These jokes life's playing they make me so tired     

( F#m Bm A E )
It's already to much to always see you off 

The sense that hours go back is enough 

I like to fade when I write this line 

There's every reason to paint a decline 
( Bm A E F#m )
And every mile i walk is five 

I'll get where I'm going in the next life 
( F#m E D )
And all the while there's a false face 

This every killing is left untraced 
( Bm A E F#m )
This kind of falling saved my son 

This constant longing for what's gone    
F#m Bm A E