What have you got planned tonight, diana (de Merle haggard)
Intro: D Dsus D D G D 


I remember it all started in 1929 when me and Diana came to Alaska 

to home stead some of this free government land 
Verse 1: 
-------acappella------------------- D  
Forty miles from the nearest gravel road 
G                      Em        A7   A7sus 
we cut our life in the ponderosa pines 
we sweated hard to beat the winter snow 
         G            A7              D   C 
but the cabins up and we got lots of time 

Refrão -------------
D                 G               D 
what have you got planned tonight Diana 
      G            Em          A7  A7sus 
would you consider lying in my arms 
D                    G        D 
I love you more then ever now Diana 
G                A7           D 
Im sure your the reason I was born
Verse 2: 
Jim was born the first year we were here 
G              Em              A7   A7sus 
look at him my god he's almost grown 
baby's in the cradle fast asleep 
G                     A7              D    C 
just think in no time he'll be up and gone 
Verse 3: 
well time sure doe's fly doesn't it Diana 
G                        Em         A7             A7sus    
it's been almost 2 years now sense, sense you been gone 
speaking of time I guess you know that mine is about up 
D                        G             A7                                  D   C 
Im gonna see you tonight just another breath or 2 and I'll be home, by the way