The wild side of life (de Merle haggard)
D                                G 
You would'nt read my letter if I wrote you, 
    A                               D 
You asked me not to call you on the phone. 
But there's something I wanted to tell you, 
     A                             D 
So I wrote it in the words of this song. 
I did'nt know God made honky-tonk angels, 
  A                                  D 
I might have never know you'd make a wife. 
You gave up the only one who ever loved you, 
         A                        D 
And went back to the wild side of life. 

D                                   G 
The glamour of the gain my life has lurred you, 
       A                                D 
To the places where the wine and liqour flow. 
Where you wait to be anybody's baby, 
       A                               D 
And forget the truest love you'll ever know. 
                Sing Chorus