White line fever (de Merle haggard)
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D     G    D               D                  A              D 
White Line Fever         a Sickness born down deep within my soul 
D     G    D               D                 A                     D    D7 
White Line Fever       the Years keep flyin' by like the high line poles
    G              A                 D                   
The wrinkles in my forehead show the miles I've left behind me 
        G                                         A 
They continue to remind me   How fast I'm growin' old 
Guess I'll die with this fever in my soul. 
                         A                D 
Well, I wonder just what makes a man keep pushin' on 
                   A                D   
Why must I keep on singin' this old highway song. 
     G                  A               D   
I've been from coast to coast a hundred times or more, 
    G                A                  D    
And I ain't seen one place that I ain't been before. 

(solo over verse) 


D     G    D 
White Line Fever 
D     G    D 
White Line Fever