A gift of roses (de Jethro tull)
I've been playing Ian's music (since '72) along with I'm sure, thousands of  
others. Perhaps we could set up a world wide network of those like myself  
who would love to meet (and jam ) with others with the same love of Tull  
music. You might list every major city in America (and the UK, Japan etc.)  
and ask for a jam group leader for each city. I know you folks are out  
there, I see you (and have joined you) jamming in the parking lot at every  
Tull concert.  
Enjoy, Bill Ungar  
(open strings)  
                 F       C                   G  
I count the hours, you count the days together,  
     F                                   G          F ......  
we count the minutes in this passion play.  
                  F        C                   G  
Walk dusty miles, and I ride that train,  
       F             C                  G               F ......  
on a first class ticket, just to be with you again.  

                D     G     D                    G  
Picking up tired feet, back from a far horizon,  
                        D          G       D                          C  
Cleaned up and brushed down, dressed to look the part.  
D                        G           D                 G  
Fresh from God's garden, I bring a gift of roses  
     D                            G             D                           C  
to stand in sweet spring water and press them to your heart.  
                       F       C       G  
Like the Kipling cat, I walk alone,  
           F       C                  G              F  
never inviting trouble, never casting the stone.  
                                            C           G  
But this badge of honour is of tarnished tin,  
               F         C             G                    F  
light your guiding beacon to bring this fisher in.