Warning (de Green day)

Guitar/Bass Tab for Warning

"Warning" by Green Day
Tab by Reizig

Simple song.

The whole guitar part of the song is A D G D played on the acoustice.  Expect that during the bride, he strums the A cord a few times. 
You can figure out how to strum it because if your looking up the tab, I'll assume you've heard the song.

Most of the song is this:

    A     D     G     D       <--Guitar
G --------------------------- <-|
D ------------4-55-4---------   |Bass
A ------4-55-7------7-55-4---   |
E --55-7 -----------------7-- <-|

Or it can be played like this:

    A     D     G     D       <--Guitar  
G --------------00----------- <-|
D --------00-2-4--4-2-00-----   |Bass
A --00-2-4--------------4-2--   |
E --------------------------- <-|

It doesn't matter - they are the same notes.

The bridge is:
                           A  <--Guitar
G --------------------------  <-|
D --------------------------    |Bass
A --0-4-0------0-0-4-0------    |
E --------3-0----------3-0--  <-|