Welcome to paradise (de Green day)

**All chords are barred**


Eb   Db   Ab

Eb                 Db                    Eb                                Db                              Gb     

Dear mother, can you hear me whinin?  It's been three whole weeks since that I have left
        Bb      Eb               Db                   Eb                              Db                   Gb

your home.  This sudden fear has left me tremblin'.   Cuz now it seems that I am out and 

           Bb               Gb         Bb

on my own, and I'm feelin so alone. 

Eb                Gb                             Db                  Ab        Eb              Gb            

Pay attention to the cracked streets and the broken homes, some call it slum some call it 

Bb       Eb                    Gb                             Db                Ab               Eb        Bb

nice.  I wanna take you through a wasteland I like to call my home.

                   Eb   Db   Ab

Welcome to Paradise.

Play over for one more verse, then for the solo, play:

B ----------8-------------11------------10-----------9---
G ---------------------------------------------------------  about 10 x
D ---8--8-------11--11--------10--10--------9--9-------

After that, still during the solo, play:

Eb    F#    F    E        *In A form*

Play one more verse after the solo, and end on Eb.

The strumming's fairly easy, just listen to the song to get it down.

- Sack