Make Yourself Acoustic (de Incubus)
Artist: Incubus
Title: Make Yourself (acoustic)

Verse:  G5, G5, A5, B5, G5, G5, G5, A5, B5  throughout all verses

Chorus: G5, D5, F5   throughout entire chorus

Verse 1
If I’d made me
I would have been made somehow
If I hadn’t assembled myself,
I’d have fallen apart by now
If I’d made me
I’d be more inclined to bow
Powers that be would have swallowed me up 
But that’s more than I can allow

Verse 2
If you let ‘em make you
They make you paper mache
At a distance you’re strong until the wind comes
You crumble and blow away
If you let ‘em fuck you
There will be no foreplay
Rest assured they’ll screw you complete
So your ass is through and gray

You should make commence with you 
If only for better health…better health
But if you really want to live 
Why not try and make yourself
Make yourself x3

Verse 3
If I’d made me
I’d have fallen apart by now
I wont let ‘em make me
It’s more than I can allow
So when I make me
I won’t be paper mache
And if I fuck me
I’ll fuck me in my own way x5


Make yourself x5

End on: G5, A5, A5, G5

*This is a pretty simple song; you just have to listen to it to get the strummin