Be Like That (de 3 Doors Down)
Date: July 31 2000
Author/Artist: 3 Doors Down
Title: Be Like That
Album: The Better Life
Transcribed by: Eric Bergevin
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This is a fun song to play because it's easy.

(Note: I didn't bother with the timing, listen to the timing yourself. You can d


    G                Dsus2Em9
E ----------3------------------0-----------------------0------
B ------------3----------3--------3-----------------3-----3---
G ----0---------0-----------2--------2----------------------0-
D -------0---------0--0-----------------0--------2------------
A --------------------------------------------2---------------
E -3---------------------------------------0------------------

E -------------0------
B ----------3-----3---
G -------0----------0-
D ----2---------------
A -3------------------
E --------------------

Repeat that 4x and then the electric guitar comes in with the same notes but in 
(hit the chords once).
All this while guitar #1 is still playing the intro riff.

After a while the chords change:

(Electric guitar only)
A5   C5   G5   G5
A5   C5   G5   B5 C5

You can figure the rest of the song by listening to it. It all repeats itself, y

How do you do that chord?

      G   Dsus2Em9C6/9
E ----3-----0------0------0--
B ----3-----3------3------3--
G ----0-----2------0------0--
D ----0------------2------2--
A ----2------------2------3--
E ----3------------0------0--

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