Sorry suzanne (de The hollies)
Tom: C

Intro: C        E7       F        G
   C                   E7
    I can't make it, if you leave me,
Am              C7                        F
    I'm sorry Suzanne, believe me, I was wrong,
    and I knew I was all along, forgive me !  
   C                      E7
    I still love you more than ever,
Am             C7                 F
    I'm sorry Suzanne for ever hurting you,
                G                         C       - D
    you know I never wanted to, I'm truly sorry Suzanne.

    G                    Bm    G7                  E7
1.    Oh, I could never ever justify,     all the tears I made you cry.
Am            D7           G             D
    But I do regret it, my Suzanne, you gotta believe me.

    G                  Bm                 G7              E7
2.     I was lookin' round for someone new,   what a foolish thing to do, 
       Am            D7                  
    all the time I knew it,
Am                  D7                   G  - F - G - G7
    Heaven knows what made me do it, gi..rl.   + CHORUS

   G                                  Bm
3.   If you would only take me back again,
G7                               E7
    things would be so different then.
Am                   D7
    What I wouldn't give for
Am                            D7                 G - F - G - G7
    one more chance to live for you, Suz.......anne.
+ CHORUS  + Instr. = CHORUS .....