Amoureuse (de Olivia newton-john)
Piano during verses arranged for guitar:

     Am     C7     F      Em     C     C Em Am
  e | ----5- ----3- ----1- ----0- ----3- -------
  B | ---5-- ---5-- ---1-- ---0-- ---5-- -1-0-5-
  G | --5--- --3--- --2--- --0--- --5--- -0-0-5-
  D | -7---- -5---- -3---- -2---- -5---- -----7-
  A | ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ -3-2-7-
  E | ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ -------


  Am ( x 4)
  Am                                     Am Asus4 Am
  Strands of light on our bedroom floor
  C7                                     C7 C7sus4 F
  Change the night through an open door
  F                            Am        Am Asus4 Am
  I'm awake but this is not my home
  Em                           F Fm C    C Em Am
  For the first time I'm not alone

  Am                                    Am Asus4 Am
  Reaching out I touch another's skin
  C7                                    C7 C7sus4 F
  Breathing out as he's breathing in
  F                            Am       Am Asus4 Am
  Deep inside I feel my soul aflame
  Em                      F  Fm  C
  Can my life ever be the sa---ame

                 F       Fm
  I should have told him
              C                   Dm
  That I'd do anything if I could hold him
  G7        C          F        Fm C          F
  For just another day, for just a-nother day
  F        Fm     C                   Dm
  His love is something I will not forget
  G7        C         F      Fm C        F
  When I am far away, when I am far away
  F      Fm  C                   Dm
  I feel the rainfall of another planet
  G7      F      C
  Another planet