Mama Said (de Metallica)
Uh, i like Metallica. They kick ass, and even though a lot of jerks don't like
their new album(i didn't really at first either, but it grew on me)I like it.
I decided that since i wasn't going to waste $25 on the stupid tab book
then i'd have to figure the fat thing out by myself. I admit i did sneak a 
look at the thing in the store and i remember that almost every song was 
flattened. After listening to the album i'm forced to agree. This is my fav.
song on there(even though i loathe the country-ish solos)and it sounds
cool if you try to play the solos like a metal tune and not some bluegrass
crap. If you want more songs email me, especially if you don't feel like 
wasting 25 bucks either, and if you have some songs already tabbed i'd appreciat
you mailing them to me. Next i think i'll be doing Wasting My Hate, and then 
Cure or Thorn Within. I admit i slacked in doing this but this is the basic 
shape of the song
Tune down all your strings half a step.I think the easiest way to do this
if you can't do it by ear yet is to get a tuner and instead of tuning all
the strings by playing them in the opening position, play the note on the 
first fret and tune that in synch to your tuner. It's kinda hard to explain like
this. This thing's turning into a freaking essay for God's sake...

These are the opening chords and the first chorus part and then the solo
or as much of it as i bothered to figure out. It sounds pretty close, and
i didn't bother to put all the bends and stuff in.        

  Dm    C    Am    Dm   Cadd9   Am   G

       Here is the little funky part where i think they use a wah or 
       something. They do some hammer-ons and pull-offs but again my
       lazy ass didn't put them in there.  They also repeat the same 
       thing but up an octave between the 17 and 19th frets on the 1st
       3 strings, or the lowest, or well, the high e end of the thing.
       They go back up to the solo which basically remains unchanged for
       most of the song. Then there's the part at the end of this area
       that they start using aroung the mid-end of the song. They repeat 
       a few times.


                 These are the chords for the end choruseseses.
                 They pick around with a few of their chords but 
                 this is the bare essentials of the song.If you 
                 want more then figure the stupid thing out by 
                 Dm   G   Cadd9   F
Thanx for stopping by, would you like fries with that?